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Suffocated #2 under Hard Rock at!


   Suffocated made a tremendous jump from being #40 on the Hard Rock Charts to #2 in less then 1 day! Lets cross our fingers and hope for good reviews so that this song can take and hold the #1 Position!



Welcome our new drummer Justin!

  After a very long search and a ton of tryouts we've finally found a new drummer to fill the hole in our band. We've been doing a lot of practicing on our live show and hope to be playing some venues within the next few months. We'll keep you all posted on whats going on.



Suffocated Released!

   Suffocated is now available for listening at our official page. Separated at Don't forget to stop by our new meesage board or guestbook to comment on our new song.



New songs on the Way!

   Pretty soon here we will be putting out a few more tracks for your listening pleasure. But remember the songs from here on out will not be downloadable, and trust me you guys are in for a treat. Chris has been working hard on some new songs, that I think will blow you all off your feet! Stay Tunned for More!



ATTN: Musician

  You think you have what it takes to rock?! Do you have the dedication and the skills to really jam? Well here is your chance! Separated is going to be looking for a new bassist. If think you can make the cut, then contact us. Only serious musician from the Portland, Oregon region please.



Garageband News!

  Look At Yourself, Lay Down and Face The Day are all in the top 100 on under the Hard Rock genre! Look At Yourself was chosen to proceed to the QR2 round to battle it out with the best of the best. If Look At Yourself holds its ground or climbs even more during that time, the song will be added to Garageband's evolved CD!



Missed out to play on live TV!

   Sadly to say Separated had to turn down the chance to play live on TV at the Aladdin theater January 16th.Due to the fact that we are in search of a new drummer. So if you live in the Portland Oregon area and think you are rock enough to jam with us. Contact

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