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  Below is some of the comments and praise we have received on our songs. All of the comments came from random listeners at, who didn't even know the name of the band till after listening to the song. None of the reviews are altered in any way.

HEY FOLKS, THIS SONG IS THE S#IT! ~ Comment on song Lay Down
Okay, we all know there is a lot of crapola to review on, but once in awhile you run accross a gem, and here it is. Very, very cool change up with the guitar from mellow-clean, to mosh'in heavy. Great vocals, and excellent usage of smooth and the mix-up of the "growl." Very tastefully done (it will be interesting to check out your influences). This song structure is supremely laid out. You'all know how to write. Musicians can be your worst critics, but in this case I would like to go on record as saying this is one of the best songs I have listened to on GB, and I am going to go check out your website once I find out who you are upon completing this review. Nicely done.


Reviewed by: Pete_Weaver from Boise, Idaho


Devil Hand Up! Fuck Yeah! ~ Comment On Look At Yourself
This song captured my attention right from the start. That choppy heavy guitar riff let me know that I had a good rocking in store. You didn't disapoint me at all! You have a very polished and professional sound. This sounds like something I might hear on my local rock station, and make me call them and ask the name of the band! That voice is familiar, yet distinct in it's own right. You have taken the elements that abound in modern rock and added a new twist into the mix. The music rocks, it is easy on the ears, and will not be easily forgotten. Good Job, guys. I hope some very important people get a chance to hear you real soon! And I hope they share my high opinion of this song!


Reviewed by: Kamm from Higginsville, Missouri


ironmaiden... yeah...Not... ~ Comment On Declaration
Sounds like a classic maiden intro, but there is where the likness end, this is the best song I heard on garageband!! gona give you some award, yeahh If you guys have a gig in sweden spit it out to me, i rock you all night and drink your booze as well... lol...


Reviewed by: Spit_rock from Spittown, Vagnhärad/Gnesta, Sweden


Production A ~ Comment On Lay Down
Man I give the production is an A and the tune earns one too. It makes me want to hear you live. Your song structure is top notch as well. You have a good hook and good rhythms. Your vocalist has that modern style voice. Guitar tone sounds pretty damn good too.


Reviewed by: drumbumm from Canon City, Colorado


Nice metal edge makes this song stand out ~ Comment On Face The Day
Very Creed\Pearl Jam sounding vocals with an edge. Guitars have a heavy sound with a distinct metal crunch which fits in very well with the drums. Great percussion work though in my opinion the cymbals were a little overdone. I love the melody of the song with the metal edge added in places. Mix was done great with good levels on everyone and effects, very clean for the style. Good catchy rhythm with drum accents\punchs keeps your attention and wanting more.


Reviewed by: Dr_Kelly from Mesa, Arizona


love it ~ Comment On Face The Day
i love the melody and the vocals dont know much about music but i know my opion of what i like and i really like this yall made it to where it gets you in to it and i like the lyrics it has a great beat and lots of feeling in the music and that what i like the best about a song and you guys have it


Reviewed by: lilmomma8470601 from Lake Charles, Louisiana


Talent puts these guys a cut above... ~ Comment On Face The Day
Good recording. Decent performances. What separates these guys from the herd is the fact the singer actually understands intonation & can carry a tune. A superior dark track with a well structured vocal melody. Scott Stapp like vocal in places-struggles just a bit on that last "away" high note of the chorus. The mark of a great singer is to know your limitations & stay within them so you always present your strongest performance.


Reviewed by: wwwMulligansOrg Allouez, Wisconsin


these guys almost got it ~ Comments On Lay Down
vocals are almost there for me. i feel a little more practice and time behind these guys would make these guys contenders


Reviewed by: tedgeman Stockton, California


Dark ~ Comment on Returned (Recorded: 2001)
Chariot ride to hell is the mood I get .I'll take the ride


Reviewed by: Ballantrae Khow-Ping-Kan,Phang Nga Bay, Khow-Ping-Kan, Thaila...


Rockin' ~ Comment On Returned (Recorded: 2001)
bone crushing guitar tone! The music is killer. heavy duty .

Reviewed by: CRANIUM2112  Indianapolis, Indiana


$ROCK ! $ROCK ! $ROCK ! ~ Comment On Unopened Doors (Recorded: 1999)
WOW!... This is just what I love to incorporate into my style of influence, YA! MAN! Keep up the energy Guy's, it's Great.


Reviewed by: TJKronk Springfield, Missouri


RAWK! ~ Comment On Lay Down
I like the groove of the song. It starts out really powerful and the vocals are a good fit to the music. I like the changes. Overall a very good song.


Reviewed by: msndrstd Atlanta, Georgia


Good shit ~ Comment On Face The Day
cool shit. where to start. Great opening, verse is good. cool basic beat. chorus is cool but in my opinion its a tad weak. needs to be a little more powerful. Love the down part of the verses. Cool drum fills. the song so far has good structure. This is pretty good shit. Recordings decent. Wouldnt mind doin some gigs with you. Check out my shit if ya want at I like this song overall. Great job. good luck


DOGFIGHT Methuen, Massachusetts


GREAT SOUND! ~ Comment On Face The Day
This is a great sounding song. love the use of the vocal and guitar! loved the production of the song also sounds finished.


Reviewed By: RickB


evil sounding guitars... ~ Comment On Face The Day
something a bit different in this genre...seems like i might have reviewed another song by you??...good heavy tune with good playing and singing.....i like it,good work!!!!!


Reviewed By: crmusician Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Toolish ~ Comment on Face The Day
Nice quick intro that changes things up a bit. like a cross between Tool, Creed and Obituary. Wont hear that very often. Keep up the good work!


Reviewed By: Redskybri Hamlin, New York


Dark Power ~ Comment on Face The Day
Nice rythyms in track, got it going on. Dark and powerful, I like the vocals. Groove and dynamics are here. Decent song! Drums sound like a Disturbed song.


Reviewed By: klyle13 Kettering, Ohio


guitar ~ Comment on Look At Yourself
The guitar riff in the verse kicks ass. the vocals and the guitar together in the verse are excellent. The chorus has a good flow to it. wow! excellent job. killer tune


Reviewed By: billsanity Omaha, Nebraska


Strong track ~ Comment on Declaration
Great Musiciansip Ala, STP, Foo Fighter Great powerful vocals Nice guitar... Good Production Excellent Job!!


Reviewed By: Davestar58 Manhattan Beach, California


Snappy Headline ~ Comment on Declaration
vocals are good, production is awsome. sounds pro. like the vocals. over all I like it.


Reviewed By: PLRBASS Terrace Heights, Washington



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