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Monday; May 12th, 2003

     Today I uploaded our new song suffocated to and got it ready for its release day, which will be determined by the staff ( I'd give it 3 to 4 days). I couldnt wait to get it on the internet for people to start listening to, so I added a small clip that everyone can listen to on our official website. As everyone can see I've made a few changes to the site as well, I found it a little dull for me to plain I wanted there to be more options for our visitors once they got to the main page. So I added a Audio Station (where you can listen to clips of many songs), and I made a  few other minor adjustments here and there.

     Chris has been working on writing some more songs and wealready  have about 4 or 5 ready for recording, we're probably record another one within a few days. I'll keep everyone posted on whats going on with that.

    We finally have found a rerally good drummer who  will be joing the band, his name is Justin. I will add more information about him on the site within the next few weeks. We've been practicing with him and will probably start playing shows again pretty soon. We're looking forward to playing our new songs live.


- Michael -


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