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We decided to add this page to our site because of the the wonderful people who have supported us and continue to do so. Without each of you Separated would have just be a dream.

Our Thanks: First and most God, Nikki Ringnes, Tamara York, Chazz Wilson, Georgia Biles, Dan Biles, The Nobles, Jane Reid, Cayla Reid, Kathy Boyer, Andy Ringnes, Justin Nalty, Frank Soars, Chris Lewellen, The entire Wilson family, The entire Biles family, Blake Roberts "Our First Aussie Fan", for hosting our music online, All the stations that play and support the band, But most of all The Fans who stuck by our sides through thick and thin, boy the past year have been tough, but you always bare with us. 

Special Thanks To: Curtis and Kathy Wilson for putting up with the years of ruckus that we've created. Not to mention all the money you've invested into the band for new gear. We love you guys.

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