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Chris Wilson - Vocals

Justin Mattaliane - Drums

Michael Wilson - Guitar


Separated; Separate, Disconnect, Set Apart, Sever, 



   Separated is a neo-contemporary rock and roll band that relishes the sound of traditional rock and roll with the zip and flair of today's youth. Developing their talents over the past four years, the members of Separated are very close to each other and also very devoted to their band. Lead singer, Christopher Wilson, has been singing for six years and is the lyricist and score writer for all the songs that Separated performs. Michael Wilson, lead guitarist has been playing with Chris since the beginning of their musical careers and he has performed on many stages in the Reno, Nevada area and in Mammoth Lakes, South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento regions of California. 


   The band's riffs are hard driven and rhythmically perfect, providing a very tight sounding effect. Currently, Separated is located in Portland, Oregon and has been working on the release of their third album, which at the moment remains untitled and is more than halfway completed. They are well known on the Internet and have a following of many fans from both their live performances and their limited private sale of Compact Discs. We hope that you will enjoy their fresh, crisp sound and will look forward to hearing more from this energetic band.


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